Ray Rankine







8th-22nd of December

In recent works I have used mark, colour and texture to explore a range of abstract or semi-abstract images. Starting points vary from coastal areas to demolition sites and urban graffiti, and I am particularly interested in anything which contains some evidence of human activity-the accidental colour and texture combinations that are the result of everyday random events and which we often walk past without a second glance.



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Back to the Drawing Board







23rd-29th November

Back to the Drawing Board

Paul Hooker

Graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in 1996 this new exhibition will be my first for 10 years. Following a long and slow recovery from two back operations its time to get “Back to the Drawing Board”


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13th-28th October 2007

Colour Connections

Sandra Beccarelli

“Colour Connections” is a body of work produced during the period of time when I was involved with a group of artists working together on a journal project. 

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June 2007

Location Dis-Location







18th-24th June 2007

Three MA graduate artists: Bethan Williams, Lauro Govoni, and Susi Martin-Taylor, from Westminister University (Harrow).

Working in three very different ways they address issues and ideas that they have been exploring, over the past year. Bethan is a sculptor who works in ceramics and who’s work is based around the theme of female sexuality, and ideas projected onto women’s sexuality by society, the media and religion. Lauro is a photographer who questions photography as a form of representation,  as photography can witness an event, but it can also create an illusion! Susi is a sculptor/mixed media artist, who’s work looks at the changes that have taken place in London’s Docklands over the past few years, represented through imagery and local finds.

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May 2007

Stick Together




Sandra Beccarelli Matt Jordan and Debbie de Beer

26th May-10th June 2007

A collection of work by three artists who have been a part of FOVEA from the beginning. The gallery has never shown any particular ‘kind’ or ‘genre’ of work, but rather championed work made with enthusiasm, commitment and passion.



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December 2006

Five @Fovea



A dancing sculptor, two men of clay, a painter bursting out of his day job, and a soft-spoken artist whose work is anything but….

Sarah Davies   André Hess   John Higgins  

Ray Rankine  Dulari Sumaria

@ FOVEA 9th-22nd December 2006



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November 2006

Finding the Edges

Martin Sears


"My painting style can be explained by my love of the Cubist and Futurist work from the first half of the 20th Century… a lot of my paintings are my own take on some of the concepts used by artists such as Picasso, Braque and Boccioni.

‘Finding The Edges’ will be the first time I have exhibited several of my paintings together in a show. It has always been an ambition of mine, but this came about as a way to raise awareness and money for Chris Henry, a specialist orthopaedic and oncology nurse at the RNOH in Stanmore, who helped me a lot when I was ill five years ago, and for the CLIC Sargent charity, who fund her."


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October 2006

The Kitchen table

Lynne Oelman


Installations based on flowers, found-objects and photographs, reflecting a passion for assembling collections of the everyday, recording and transforming them in a process which has blurred the boundaries between the artist’s life and her art.

“The impulse to make art pervades my life, there are no boundaries.  I collect, I install, creating mini installations in my house.  The things I find mix with everday objects.   The domestic is subverted.”

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September 2006

New work

Matt Jordan



Matt Jordan has become a regular at the gallery-both as visitor, bartender and exhibitor. His carefully observed playfully conceived and skillfully constructed pieces never fail to delight. Over the past couple of years, Matt's work has been steadily growing in a sculptural direction, whilst still retaining his distinctive graphic style.

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June 2006

'I never knew I had it in me...'



This exhibition wasmade by a group of parents and children from Woodlands and Little Stanmore schools who worked together for 9 months with two artists. They laughed, shared, took risks, supported each other, ate lots of biscuits and surprised themselves with their own creativity. Everyone has an artist hiding inside them somewhere…

Funded by Harrow Family Learning and Awards for All

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May 2006

Jozsef Franko

New Beginnings



On several occasions I had encouraged Joszef to take up painting, but have always been met with ‘I tried it once’  (In 1958), and ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘Why should I?’ In December 2005 something shifted. A piece fitted in or a bit dropped out; Jozsef himself cannot explain what catalysed his plunge into painting, but he started and has been unable to stop ever since. He now has a large collection of paintings in his home, and
‘New Beginnings’ celebrated the best of this work to date.

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November 2005

Poulomi Desai



 ‘The images………, look at first sight like portraits of glamorous young Asian women and respectable older ladies’
‘Her irreverent aim is to shatter the contours of these fixed notions of sexual, national, cultural, personal, political and diasporic identities ...... Her work is resolutely hybridised.’
 Professor Stuart Hall   ‘Different’ Published by Phaidon

Here in the outer suburbs of London, it is easy to collude with the notion that ‘culture’ is located in central London, or in the case of the visual arts, in East London. It is certainly more visible in these areas, but in looking ‘over there’, we are often in danger of missing the gems that lie beneath our very feet.

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October 2005

Phil Barrett


‘In this fragmented world, seemingly random points of light occasionally line up, momentarily making sense. With this comes reassurance, the fleeting confirmation of a greater order or pattern to things, shifting and vanishing, as quickly as it appeared.’ Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett ponders constantly on the creative process. Ultimately though, he gives himself up to an intuitive understanding, trusting the voice that he hears and allowing it to speak with both integrity and commitment.

His drawings seem initially to offer up ‘blackness’, but on closer scrutiny they reveal hidden layers, glimpses of what was, or of what might be. Though highly structured, there is a sense of searching or groping for, revealing or recognising, something familiar (or is it unfamiliar?) in the darkness.

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September 2005

Tomoko Bontly

  Originally from Japan, and trained in both children’s literature and ceramics, Tomoko’s portraits of her dogs are acutely observed and yet freely executed. She combines an extraordinary empathy for the animals with a rich visual sense, and an extensive interest in the craft, materials and techniques of her chosen medium. These are both enchanting portraits, and yet have a fantastic quality to them, which reminds us that they are also ceramic pieces and lino prints with rich decorative qualities.


July 2005

Svetlana Belenkaya

  Originally from the former Soviet Union (Ukraine), Svetlana Belenkaya studied Product Design and Ceramics at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio, won a ceramics workshop scholarship (working with Julia Galloway), and first place in the Comite Colbert Parfume Lanvin Design Competition in France. She now lives and works in South London, designing and making functional and non-functional ceramics, with an emphasis on form, colour, and humour. Each piece is conceived as a whole, with the surface design integral to the form from the beginning of the making process.


June 2005

Haika Arom

  Haika’s work process falls into two stages: the origin or ‘excuse’, a seemingly random event, image, or found object that sparks the process, and the subsequent toil. The toil is the physical process of working with colour, texture, and drawing, and frequently leads to a piece being erased or torn up and reworked to produce a new one. The integral nature of paper, mark and colour imply the history of the surface, the submerged presence of ideas glimpsed and fragments interred.


April 2005

Harrow College

  These artists are all employed in the Art, Design and Ceramics Department at Harrow College. They are practitioners in their own right, as well as being tutors who impart their skills and knowledge, and nurture a new generation of would-be artists and designers.

The show includes work by: Batool Showghi, Anna Jyrkinen, Chris Spellen, Marcia Kuperberg, Sue Dean, Susan Cunningham, Marc Vallée, Cliff Edwards, Janet Clark, Kuniko Greaves, Silva Nazari. Each artist interprets Between the Lines in their own way, and with their own particular blend of skills.


March 2005

Jane Landes

  Jane Landes trained as a painter. Her large abstract canvasses were concerned with colour and the physical process of mark-making with paint. Over time her practise has broadened, and she has come to use printmaking, textiles and stitch as additional mark-making techniques. To some extent this process has been stimulated by educational work that she has done. Many artists teach (in one way or another), and the process is often one that opens up new avenues of interest and research for them in their own practise.


February 2004

Drawn Obsessions

Sandra Beccarelli &

Lesley Greening Lassoff

  A world of overdrive and overload, generating both pleasure and anxiety (Sandra Beccarelli)

Obsession and intensity, an engagement with the everyday, run through the drawings by both these artists.

Distinctly different, these two bodies of work place us as viewers, between the aesthetics of Zen and High Catholicism, yet it is a gorgeous, haunting, but secular spiritual symbolism that emanates from both, and makes them somehow utterly complimentary.


December 2004


Lesley Crabtree

  Once again the FOVEA Gallery is hosting a fine festive selection of small work by contemporary artists working in different ways and with a variety of materials. The show will include drawing, painting, prints, mixed media ceramics and sculpture. There will also be some unframed work for sale.

November 2004

Mostly Fragments

Marsden Hammant

  Marsden Hammant makes landscapes. Autobiography and the fragmentary nature of memory provide the basis for painting, drawing and collage. Images are reworked in a range of materials, so that enclosures, spaces and forms are given intrinsic value as true metaphors of the rural landscape he takes as his starting point.


September 2004

Arrivals & Departures

Marianne Botha

  Marianne Botha is a young South African painter with a compelling talent and a technical mastery usually found in much older practitioners. Informed by an acute and sensitive interrogation of the work of others, her paintings are both strongly rooted in the European tradition of portraiture, and yet ruthlessly personal and present. Fine drawing and audacious composition underpin a raw, punchy paint quality.


August 2004


by Matt Jordan

  Matt paints in a playful, colourful, graphic style, using surfaces and objects that have had a previous life, and giving them a new, and often intentionally ambiguous identity.  
  July 2004

Kay Davis

'Approaching Storm'
  This show included paintings, prints and sculpture, and as such reflects the wide vocabulary of skills and interests that Kay brings to her work. On a practical level, her work is finely crafted, her canvasses prepared with love and care, and her prints made with a detailed knowledge of the processes that she is using. All her work is firmly rooted in observation, she draws and paints the world around her and then develops these images, selecting and emphasising those aspects that intrigue her most.

  June 2004

Jacqueline Willcock

  Jacqueline Willcock’s work explores the memory of place or of personal experience. She uses her medium to evoke: fragments of the visible emerge and resonate in the viewer’s subconscious, encouraging us to inhabit her works with our own remembered spaces and feelings. The relationship between clothing and the body is an ongoing source of enquiry. These works combine contrasting materials that stimulate visual and sensory memories of how clothing looks and feels, and of both the absence and the presence of the body inside it.

  May 2004

Jolanta Jagiello

Metal Sculptures
  Jolanta Jagiello starts her work by looking for discarded metal objects: in the street, by the river, or in the scrap yards around London. These found objects are then reworked, both physically, and conceptually. They become something else, either purely decorative, or sometimes both decorative and functional, concealing a quirky domestic purpose.

  6th-28th March 2004

Andre Hess

  Andre Hess is a distinguished figure in the international world of ceramics. In the last ten years he has exhibited work all over the world, and is a fellow of the Craft Potters Association in the United Kingdom. In 2003 alone, his work received an Award of Honour in the World Ceramic Exposition Korea, and a Merit Award in the Altech International Ceramics Triennial in South Africa. The World Ceramics Exposition Foundation (WOCEF) also acquired a major work for their permanent collection.

  30th Jan -22nd Feb 2004

Susan McCoan

'Mirror Image
  Susan McCoan’s show of self-portraits raises intriguing questions of image and identity, veiled in gently self-deprecating humour. McCoan works from home, and uses the scale and the intimacy of the domestic setting in her small but carefully resolved paintings. She spares herself no scrutiny, cheerfully revealing wrinkles, crooked teeth, even an avocado bathroom suite, but always with an air of surprised detachment as if the mirror were an independent observer.

  22nd Nov - 14 Dec

Group Show

'FOVEA Take - Away
  In a world of reproductions and second hand images, an original is special. It represents the full care, skill, and attention of a real human being, and holds a little of the artist’s soul.

  24th Oct - 16th Nov '03

John Higgins

'New Work
  Challenging us to discard the distinctions drawn between fine art & ceramics, Johh Higgins explores form, surface, marks, & colour with an enchanted eye.

19th - 19th Oct '03

David Harker &
Martina Ní Mhuirchú

'New Work

These two artists start from very distant points and work in tandem to make a show in which the dialogue of friendship is both surprising and unexpected.

1st - 24th Aug '03

John Adams

'New Work'
John Adams explores ‘metaphor’ in relation to landscape art. Local materials are used in both the gallery itself and the yard behind. Making processes mirror actions taking place in the landscape.

5th - 20th July '03

  Harrow Arts & Leisure service present a mixed exhibition of selected work by rising young artists from Harrow, Barnet, Haringey, Brent & Enfield. The purchased works are placed in public venues throughout the five boroughs.

31st May - 15th June '03

'Potty teapots'
A selling exhibition of weird and wonderful ceramics made by adult students on the workshop course at Harrow College.

3rd - 18th May '03

Group Show

'Strange Days Indeed'
  Dystopian visions of contemporary life; some humorous, some poignant, all aesthetically rich. A mixed show including: Painting, photography, sculpture, video and printmaking.

29th March - 20th April '03

Rita Vickery

'Inside Outside'
Neither wholly abstract nor figurative, Vickery’s work explores the natural world and relationships within it, pursuing marks and colours that evoke mood and atmosphere.

1st - 23rd March '03

Margaret Ashman

  Photographic fragments form the basis of these contemporary 2D and 3D pieces. An imaginative use of printmaking to evoke personal memories that resonate.

  1st - 23rd Feb '03

Liz Maxwell

  Rich sumptuous surfaces and colours. Abstract paintings and prints evoking the exotic world of pomegranates, Persian carpets, and intense dark blue midday shadows.

7th Dec- 19th Jan '03

Sandra Beccarelli

Pulsing light boxes and drawings. Rhythmical, hypnotic, intricate works mapping urban and human energies in this exciting new gallery.